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Delve into the darkness with author Max Griffin’s collection of nineteen twisted tales of horror. Heavily inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Griffin’s stories will leave you with a sense of foreboding, a glimpse into the minds of those who have turned the wrong way, and many times, justifiably so.

Allen, a graduate student, and Sam, a cop, are unlikely lovers in the small college town of Hollenbeck. When a serial killer stalks young men in the town, Sam investigates, and the clues lead back to the genetically engineered dogs in Allen's lab. Danger mounts as the killer closes his grip on the city.

Gay lovers Jon Luke hope that a week camping and making love in the mountains will renew their stressed relationship. Instead, they must escape from the alien drug runners and their human-turned-to-vampire dealers who kidnap them.

Available soon from Purple Sword publications.

Rick broods over his missing wife, but that doesn't stop him from inviting Brandon to move into his mansion in the hills of southwest Wisconsin. When the sheriff finds bodies at the estate, it's a race against time to save Rick from accusations of murder.

Released November 27, 2013.

Flatland: Where a fortune in mob money, a stone-cold serial killer, and a crooked FBI agent collide with two gay guys looking for love.

When Brent Hyde arrives home from college to find his parents missing from their dairy farm, he feels a creeping sense of dread, but the inept local police won’t take him seriously. Determined to find them, Brent drags his boyfriend, Gary, into the search.

Out of Print Titles
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Three short stories by Max Griffin. In The Meeting, Danny rushes across town for an urgent, late-night rendezvous when a bunch of toughs decide to bash him, with unexpected results. Ad Infinitum provides a new take on the vampire legend when a creature who prowls gay bars seeking thrills and more finds that even predators can be prey. In The Kobold in the Hardentstien Baths, an ancient legend finds a home in a gay bath house.

Jeff spends his days hawking suspended animation contracts to greedy trust fund heirs who hope to cash in on the stock market and to patients with terminal diagnoses who hope for a cure in the future. Jeff spends his nights alone. His former lover had an affair with his brother and his only friend is away on her honeymoon. When a mysterious stranger named Cal appears from nowhere, things start to turn around for him. But then Jeff loses his job and he learns the frightening truth about his new love. Now he must decide whether Cal is his future or something more sinister.

Kiernan takes a holiday from his job as church vocalist in Chicago. He and his deceased lover had planned this cross-country journey, but he must now go alone. He hopes to escape the bonds of loneliness in the allure of sexual adventure. Instead, fate leads to an unexpected destination.

Peter's an artist, but even his success can't blot out the physical pain he has to endure from an accident with the dark energy propellant from his lover's scooter. He's sinking into despair and there's nothing his lover, Aaron, can do except watch. But then a strange legacy from a distant Uncle on a far-off planet changes everything. As Peter pieces together the mystery behind the painting and the journal, he also uncovers a passionate love story that crosses boundaries, time and space.

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