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Welcome to Max Griffin's website!

Max's published fiction covers many genres, including

  • science fiction
  • thriller
  • mystery
  • horror

Whatever the genre, Max's fiction focuses on characters you care about. Sometimes ordinary, sometimes quirky, sometimes downright evil, the conflict between the characters drives the story.

You can also count on a touch of romance. As in real life, you won't always find happy-ever-after endings; the characters' fates turn on the choices they make.

Pull up a chair and take a look around. Drop me a note or sign the guestbook. Thanks for visiting!



Murder Me Tender, previously published as Lindermont Lovers, is now available in a spiffy new edition from Purple Sword Publications.

I'm sorry to report that the publisher of many of my books, loveyoudivine, has ceased operations. They were one of the leading companies in the e-pub industry and will be missed. The owner had to cease operations for reasons unrelated to the business. Purple Sword Publications is in the process of re-releasing most of these titles. Stay tuned!

If you're interested in some free short stories, check out my portfolio on Writing.Com.

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